-About us

Welcome to our shop we try to have a little something for all ages. We have been in business for almost 10 years. WE LOVE our customers. I had a dream to open a boutique/tanning salon and well here we are almost 10 years later. I am a nurse by trade and of course I am a people person. I have some wonderful ladies who work for me and I couldn't do it without them. My husband is my biggest fan and has always told me he knew if anyone could do this it would be me. Thank you dear. 

Our boutique has grown in many different directions. We custom make tshirts with the vinyl, glitter or rhinestone designs. We also make car decals, decals for Yeti cups, Yeti coolers, and we do much much more. We also do some home decor, which my husband is my #1 guy there for my wood cutting. I have always had a HUGE love for jewelry and this shop let's me help all my gorgeous customers get all dolled up with jewels of all sizes and shapes. 

We carry many different styles of shoes. We will also have some products that are INTERNET ONLY and we will also have some items that are BOUTIQUE ONLY, but we are happy to help anyone get what they want. We will be adding to the site as time goes so there will be more and more all the time. If there is something that you would like for us to carry let us know and we will try to make it happen. 

We hope you LOVE our boutique as much as we do. HAPPY SHOPPING!